Saturday, 23 August 2014

Celebrating a 100 posts with a captivating Sri Lankan sunset..

Hi all,

I have so much to say to so many of you. But I'm gonna try to keep this short.

I would like to start by saying - Thank you for being here right now, and if you like what you see, bookmark this page right now and visit it every week and I promise I'll try my best not to disappoint you. I think you can also enter your email ID at the bottom to receive an update through email every time I post. But if that doesn't work, just 'favorite' it, or bookmark it. :) And don't forget to tell everyone in your circles about it.

This blog, over the last year, has become very close to me. My mother has always called me inconsistent. This blog is something I'm proud of, especially because it has lasted over a year. And hopefully, it lasts for years to come.

So, since it has been this long, I decided I had to do something I haven't done before. I made myself a logo. I'm tired of watermarking my pictures with text every time I post, so I designed a logo so it would be easier. Here it is. Hope you like it. :)

I know I'm two days late but a Happy photo day to all of you! I wanted to post on the 19th but I wasn't ready with the logo, so I decided to post today instead.

I got a lot of my friends to send out messages to a lot of people in their contact lists for this 100th post. Thanks so much guys! I owe you big time. :)

I'm so grateful to my family and friends. They got me started and have been there all along. I really appreciate their love and support, and I won't forget what they've done for me.

A little about the trip to Sri Lanka. We were there for just 3 nights. But, I have to say, those 3 nights were unbelievably eventful. From the hotel we stayed in, to the places we visited, I absolutely loved Sri Lanka. This picture was taken right after sunset. I had it on a long exposure of 10 seconds and it turned out perfect. The hues in the sky that evening were beautiful. I hope you guys like it.

Once again, thanks so much for being here. Please do scroll down, and if you like it, bookmark it, favourite it, do whatever you have to do to keep coming back. Cuz you know I really need you guys. :)

If you like my work, do spread the word to your friends and family. And if anyone needs any product photography or any other kind of photography done, feel free to put them in touch with me.

My email ID is

In case you want to get in touch with me, you can use the same email ID. Don't hesitate to leave comments below any picture you like. :)

Again, thanks a lot for visiting. :)


  1. Really nice and interesting content.
    Creative logo and just brilliant photography :)

  2. Congratulations on your century Sud. Keep it going forever. I'll follow. :) :') ^_~

    1. Aww! Thanks so much! :') I will as long as there are people like you. Thanks so much! :')

  3. Hi da Rahul. :D
    Pride is coming. :')

    1. Haha. Thanks. :D I'm still figuring out who this is though. :P